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Wednesday, 12th August 2020
Düsseldorf, Germany
Current Weather
Conditions:Light Rain
Feels Like:22°C
Wind:160 / 7 Knots
Humidity:64 %
Bar. Pressure:1013 hPa
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Runway Operations

Recent Activities
 23LUpdated:   22:48 (SXS1N)
Cont. Use: 5h51m (32x)
 23LUpdated:   22:45 (CFG2AW)
Cont. Use: 6h8m (48x)
Wind Components
23 2 Knots
05-2 Knots
X-Wind 6.7 Knots
Expected Availability
Wednesday, 12th August 2020
23L 00:00 - 23:59
23R Closed
Activities based on ADS-B messages (>80% aircraft coverage).
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▸︎ Flying Tiger Line
▸︎ Lockheed Super Constellation

Rainer Spoddig (1950s)
«Charteflight to the US. Look at boarding equipment!»
▸︎ Airport Overview

TT (2010)
«overview of the GAT apron with no less than 6 Embarer 135 Legacys visible...»

▸︎ Azerbaijan Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

Rainer Spoddig (2010)
«Two of four AZAL A320-200 stored together with last remainings of Bluewings Airbus fleet.»
▸︎ Emirates
▸︎ Airbus A330-200

Thomas Fraszczak (2009)

▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ Boeing 737-300

Rainer Spoddig (1999)
«Old terminal B in process of being torn down after fire in 1996 for complete rebuild. In addition carpark A is also torn down. Intermediate visitors terrace on terminal A can be seen on left edge . Scan from paperprint.»
▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ Boeing 747-200

Wolfgang Mendorf (1989)

▸︎ Bluewings
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

TT (2010)
«after months of financial problems Blue Wings had to stop their operations again and most likely finally on January 13th 2010. 7 out of 8 of their planes are currently stored»
▸︎ Condor
▸︎ Boeing 727-200

Wolfgang Mendorf (1975)

▸︎ Spantax
▸︎ Convair 990

Wolfgang Mendorf (1974)
«Dirty Coronado take-off as usual in these days»
▸︎ Aeroflot
▸︎ Tupolev Tu-104

Wolfgang Mendorf (1974)
«using its braking parachute»

▸︎ Junkers Ju-52

Sven Pipjorke Collection (1937)
▸︎ Air Berlin
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

EDDL Photography (2006)
«DUS from above ... note the people enjoying the view on the famous observation deck on the roof of concourse B. Not much too see though, except for a AB 737-800 on pushback. In the upper right part of the picture you can see the old terminal building.»

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