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This website was created
by aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts.
Here you will get the latest spotting news about Düsseldorf International Airport, including movements and expected special aircraft. This site also features a picture database with hundreds of high quality images taken at Düsseldorf Airport.

1) All traffic information on this board is subject to change. Nothing can be guaranteed - so do not blame us if something appears to be wrong due to various reasons.
2) Please give credit to this message board if you forward any information.
3) We reserve the right to edit or delete messages which were posted in the wrong format, we will also change or delete messages if the content is confidential, offensive or similar.
4) Even though this website is located in Germany, the only language accepted here is ENGLISH. We have a lot of international visitors, just like the airport in Düsseldorf. We are all sharing a global hobby, so we are using a global language here. The movement lists should be easy to understand, even for non-English-speaking visitors. If you still have problems, we have compiled a small list of translations.
5) Postings or requests that we will NOT tolerate:
      - information about passenger figures and load factors
      - delay reasons
      - reports about internal affairs of any airline or the airport company
6) No discussions on this website. Our aim is to share information. If you are here to argue, this is not the right place for you.
7) We update this board in our spare time. We do it purely for fun! So please keep your expectations as low as possible.
1) If you post flight schedules please use local time only
2) Please use estimated times (ETA/ETD) if available, otherwise use scheduled times (STA/STD)
3) Flight numbers should be included but are not mandatory
4) Thread titles in the “Expected movements” section should look like this:
      EXP: Day of the week Day-Month-Year
      example: EXP: MON 04-01-2008
      you may also include a short remark if a real highlight is expected
      example: EXP: SAT 23-02-2008 - Tajik Air TU154M
5) Messages in the “Expected movements” section should look like this:
      ETA/ETD/STA/STD Time Airline Orig./Dest. A/C-Type Reg. *SpecialInfo*
      example: STD 08:00 DUS-STN AB1234 B737-800 D-ABBC *new AB c/s*
      optional remarks: parking position, flight status (e. g. canx)

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