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Wed 30.08.17 08:15

Air Berlin network updates from Septemebr 2017

Air Berlin recently adjusted its inventory in the reservation system, which sees selected long-haul routes to be closed between September and November 2017.

Additionally, the airline’s long-haul routes from Dusseldorf, is still available for reservation on/after 01NOV17, however only higher-fare category is available for booking at present time.

Reservation for following routes is now closed:

Dusseldorf – Boston Reservation closed from 01OCT17

* Previously scheduled as summer-seasonal service until late-Oct 2017.

As of 29AUG17, Following long-haul routes is only bookable in full-fare J/Y/B-class from 01NOV17:

Dusseldorf – Cancun
Dusseldorf – Chicago O’Hare (eff 02MAY18)
Dusseldorf – Curacao
Dusseldorf – Fort Myers
Dusseldorf – Havana
Dusseldorf – Los Angeles
Dusseldorf – Miami
Dusseldorf – New York JFK
Dusseldorf – Orlando
Dusseldorf – Puerto Plata
Dusseldorf – Punta Cana
Dusseldorf – San Francisco
Dusseldorf – Varadero

Air Berlin’s Dusseldorf – Toronto route, scheduled from 01MAY18, is still available for booking in all class of service.
From 01NOV17, Air Berlin codeshare service operated by ETIHAD, including flights beyond Abu Dhabi, is also closed for bookings.

Also as of 29AUG17. on most Air Berlin-aircraft operating Medium-haul and short-haul routes, service is only available for booking in full-fare J/C/Y/B-class from 01NOV17.

Source: Airlineroute

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