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Fri 29.12.17 08:10

Germania Summer 2018 new DUS routes

Germania in recent weeks filed additional planned new routes (including services not operated in 2017 and not previously reported on Airlineroute) for Summer 2018 season, including additional service added from Berlin, Dusseldorf and Nuremberg.

Dusseldorf Faro eff 02MAY18 3 weekly A319 (Day 137)

Dusseldorf Funchal eff 01MAY18 1 weekly A319 (Day 2)

Dusseldorf Karpathos eff 14JUN18 1 weekly A319 (Day 4)

Dusseldorf Kutahya eff 07JUN18 1 weekly 737-700 (Day 4)

Dusseldorf Lanzarote eff 01MAY18 2 weekly A319 (Day 25)

Dusseldorf Mytilene eff 26JUN18 1 weekly 737-700 (Day 2)

Dusseldorf Orebro eff 07JUN18 06SEP18 1 weekly 737-700 (Day 4; Except 28JUN18 09AUG18)

Dusseldorf Ponta Delgada eff 04MAY18 1 weekly 737-700 (Day 5)

Dusseldorf Porto Santo eff 24MAR18 1 weekly 737-700 (Day 6; Scheduled charter)

Dusseldorf Rhodes eff 01MAY18 2 weekly A319 (Day 26)

Previously reported new routes:

Dusseldorf Irakleion eff 02MAY18 3 weekly A319 (Day 135)

Dusseldorf Kos eff 02MAY18 2 weekly A319 (Day 36)

Dusseldorf Zakynthos eff 03MAY18 1 weekly A319 (Day 4)

SOURCE: Airlineroute

Fri 18.05.18 12:15

Germania Summer 2018 new DUS routes

Germania continues new routes addition in Summer 2018

Germania in recent weeks further expanded planned network offering in Summer 2018 season, including the launch of 6 routes, from Berlin, Dresden and Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf Kayseri eff 29JUN18 1 weekly A319/321/737

Dusseldorf Samsun eff 04JUL18 1 weekly A321/737-700

Dusseldorf Sharm el Sheikh eff 01MAY18 1 weekly A321 (This route was not served during May October 2017 period)

Source: Airlineroute

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