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Mon 15.06.09 22:37

Elite Aviation will link AUH-DUS 3 times weekly

ADAC (Abu Dhabi Airports Company) welcomes ELITE AVIATIONS first aircraft to Abu Dhabi International Airport and two new routes linking the UAE capital with Germany

Elite Aviation operated by Blue Wings launch a new route from Abu Dhabi to Dusseldorf and the UAE's first direct flight to Berlin

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 14 June, 2009: Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) has announced that Abu Dhabi based Elite Aviation, will commence services to two new destinations in Germany starting from 15th June 2009. The services will be operated by the German carrier Blue Wings.
The first Elite Aviation aircraft, operated by Blue Wings, arrives in Abu Dhabi International Airport to a water-canon salute.

This is a landmark event for Elite Aviation, as it signals their very first commercial flight with Blue Wings. Elite Aviation will operate the services from Abu Dhabi five times per week with three weekly direct flights to Dusseldorf, and the UAE's first direct flights to Berlin operating twice weekly. Currently no other airline operates services between the two German cities and Abu Dhabi.

Elite Aviation/Blue Wings will be operated from Terminal 1 at Abu Dhabi International Airport with the 112-seat A320 aircraft in two product classes business and economy. The business class luxury seats adjust to a near horizontal position and the comfortable economy seats offer more legroom than is standard on other airlines.

The flights will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday to Dusseldorf and Tuesday and Friday to Berlin. The flights will depart from Abu Dhabi in the early morning allowing travelers to benefit from a full day in Germany and quick connections to the other European and American gateways.

Blue Wings was launched in 2003 and operates a fleet of nine A320 aircraft from their main base in Dusseldorf which is Germany's third largest airport, and from eleven other German cities. The airline offers services to Eastern Europe, South West Asia and the Middle East.

Mohammed Bulooki, Vice President of Airline Marketing and Aeronautical Revenue for ADAC, said:

"We are delighted to welcome Elite Aviation and Blue Wings joint venture to Abu Dhabi, the 46th airline to offer services from Abu Dhabi International Airport and the 5th new airline to begin operations this year. The airline has added two new destinations; Dusseldorf and Berlin to our route network.

The UAE and Germany already share strong ties for trade and industry, with the UAE being Germany's leading economic partner and number one buyer of German products within the Middle East region, ranking in line with Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of strategic links.

"This new joint venture will offer passengers the convenience of flying from 'capital-to-capital' and is expected to appeal to the German nationals living in the UAE, as well as to the increasing numbers of business and leisure passengers traveling between the two countries. Abu Dhabi is an excellent destination; the GCC and the UAE in particular have been in the spot light for airlines looking for high yield routes.

HE Khalid Al Hashemi, President of Elite Aviation, said:

"We are excited and pleased about this new service with our joint venture partner Blue Wings, to service the growing number business and leisure passengers wanting to fly directly between Abu Dhabi, the German capital city Berlin, and the large business community of Dusseldorf. We are delighted to establish these routes and we are confident that they will be well received in these markets.

"The Berlin and Dusseldorf routes are the first step for the Elite Aviation operation. Our aim is to connect Abu Dhabi with a large range of destinations in Europe to generate additional business opportunities for UAE and European companies."

The services are expected to facilitate Abu Dhabi's growing commercial relations with Germany. The UAE is the single biggest shareholder in Daimler, with the UAE alone taking a 9.1% stake in the group.

In 2008 the UAE maintained its status as Mercedes-Benz's largest regional market. By the end of 2008, German exports to the UAE grew by 40% to over EUR 8 billion.

There are currently around 700 German companies located within the UAE, with approximately 200 based in Abu Dhabi and 500 in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Source: http://www.abudhabiairport.ae/news/news20090614.asp

Thu 18.06.09 11:57

Elite Aviation will link AUH-DUS 3 times weekly

Elite Aviation schedule AUH-DUS-AUH

Flights from/to Abu Dhabi will operate twice (! ?) weekly on Sunday & Monday using A320 in full Elite Aviation c/s *operated by Blue Wings*.

AUH-DUS 1------ 06:40 QW 5356 A320
AUH-DUS ------7 07:30 QW 5356 A320

DUS-AUH 1------ 14:00 QW 1357 A320
DUS-AUH ------7 10:30 QW 1357 A320

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