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Sat 09.01.10 23:01

Lufthansa - DUS Europe operation changes

Changes to selected Lufthansa European operations out of Dusseldorf for the next future
& Summer season 2010 as of 08JAN10 as follows:

Dusseldorf Athens NEW 5 weekly CRJ900 service eff 28MAR10
LH3376 DUS 0955 1410 ATH CR9 days 7
LH3376 DUS 1005 1420 ATH CR9 days 135
LH3376 DUS 1110 1525 ATH CR9 days 6

LH3377 ATH 1445 1725 DUS CR9 days 7
LH3377 ATH 1515 1755 DUS CR9 days 135
LH3377 ATH 1600 1840 DUS CR9 days 6

Dusseldorf Balaton Weekly SEASONAL Cancelled
Dusseldorf Barcelona Reduce from 3 to 2 Daily, CRJ900 operation LH4468/4469 CR7 in April, 735 from 01JUL10
Dusseldorf Basel 2 Daily CRJ900 (CR2 in S09)
Dusseldorf Bastia Seasonal service Cancelled
Dusseldorf Bilbao 1 Daily CRJ900 (CR7 in S09)
Dusseldorf Birmingham UK eff 15JAN10 Reduce from 4 to 3 Daily. LH4932/4933 is cancelled.
However, 2 of the 3 Daily service will be operated by exclusively CRJ900.
Dusseldorf Bucharest CRJ700 replace CRJ200 from 01SEP10, 2 Daily
Dusseldorf Budapest All CRJ900 operation (CR2/CR7 in S09)

Dusseldorf Dubrovnik NEW 2 weekly CRJ900
LH3378 DUS 1005 1215 DBV CR9 days 46
LH3379 DBV 1250 1510 DUS CR9 days 46

Dusseldorf Gdansk NEW weekdays service eff 29MAR10 with CRJ700
LH3320 DUS 1220 1355 GDN CR7 days x67
LH3321 GDN 1425 1600 DUS CR7 days x67

Dusseldorf Gothenburg CRJ700 replace CRJ200 from 01JUL10
Dusseldorf Katowice CRJ900 service (Day 7 is CR7; CR2 in S09)
Dusseldorf Kiev 737-500 Service (735/CR7 in S09)
Dusseldorf London City 2 Daily Cancelled eff 28MAR10
Dusseldorf London Heathrow eff 28MAR10 Increase from 4 to 5 Daily
Dusseldorf Lyon 2 Daily CRJ700 + 1 Daily CRJ200 (CR2 in S09)
Dusseldorf Madrid 3 Daily service in W09 is maintained in S10 (2 in S09)
Dusseldorf Manchester 3 Daily service in W09 is maintained in S10, all CRJ900 by July 2010 (4 Daily CR2/CR7 in S09)
Dusseldorf Newquay Seasonal 1 weekly service operates with CRJ700 (CR2 in S09)

Dusseldorf Nice 5 weekly 737-500, then increase to Daily (S09 2 weekly CRJ)
LH4160 DUS 1050 1240 NCE 735 days x24
LH4161 NCE 1320 1500 DUS 735 days x24

Daily from 04MAY10

Dusseldorf Paris CDG 5 Daily retained from Winter season (6 in S09)
Dusseldorf Reykjavik Seasonal service with 737-300 (CR9 in S09)
Dusseldorf St. Petersburg Daily 737-500 (CR7 in S09)
Dusseldorf Sofia CRJ900 operating (CR7 in S09)
Dusseldorf Stockholm CRJ900 operating (CR2 in S09)
Dusseldorf Turin 1 of 2 Daily operates with CRJ700 from 01SEP10
Dusseldorf Venice Daily CRJ900 (CR7 in S09)
Dusseldorf Warsaw 2 Daily CRJ900 (CR7 in S09)
Dusseldorf WroclawText CRJ700 eff 01JUL10, replace CRJ200

Source: airlineroutes

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