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Wed 13.01.10 14:44

DUS: Facts & Figures 2009

Source: Düsseldorf International

Traffic outcome 2009: Düsseldorf International heads successfully through the crisis - all-time record passenger numbers in the second half of 2009

Dynamically through the crisis - the airport of Düsseldorf has finished 2009, a difficult year for travelling, successfully. While the first half year of 2009 was marked by a crisis-triggered drop, a growth of passenger numbers was achieved in the second six months of the year.

By this Düsseldorf International ended the year 2009 almost at last year's level. Some 17.8 million passengers were counted at Germany's third largest airport - 214,000 airplanes took off and landed within this period. This corresponds to a slight decrease of two percent in passenger numbers and 6.3 percent in movements. "These figures represent an outstanding result in view of the economic crisis and exceed the industry-related forecasts and the results of comparable German airports by far," says Christoph Blume, CEO of the airport management.

While a fall of passenger numbers was recorded in the first six months of 2009, trend reversal at the airport of Düsseldorf started already in the middle of the year. The months July (+2%), August (+0.5%), October (+4.0%), November (+3.8%) and December (+2.4%) even saw the highest passenger numbers in the airport's history so far.

"The decision to enlarge Düsseldorf International by means of a €€200 million investment program, making it the third German hub, has proven itself to be successful in the recession. Especially in the economic crisis we were able to almost offset decrease of German domestic traffic by growing transit traffic, a stable offer for the intercontinental traffic as well as still increasing numbers of Dutch passengers," says Christoph Blume.

While German domestic traffic decreased by 4.7 percent, journeys to countries outside Europe and the intercontinental traffic rose by 2.1 percentage points last year. Particularly destinations such as Chicago (+39.5%), Miami (+38.4%), Dubai (+5.9%), New York (+5.3%), Helsinki (+17.8%), Istanbul (+9.2%) and Vienna (+4.8%) were the engines of growth.

Another growth factor and an indicator for the use of Düsseldorf as a hub in the last year was the number or transit passengers at the airport, which soared by 22.6 percent compared with 2008. This corresponds to 883,000 departing passengers who used Düsseldorf as a hub last year. Also the number of Dutch people who started from Düsseldorf increased by ten percent to 1.2 million and as a result doubled within four years.

On 9 October 2009 the airport welcomed 73,000 passengers, which is the highest number of its history. The most busy day of the year was 24 June 2009 with exactly 748 flight movements. On average some 48,700 passenger a day flew to and from Düsseldorf in 2009, the number of daily flight movements was 586.

Positive signals for the year 2010

"We will continue to strengthen and extend our product portfolio of traditional airlines and low-budget carriers in this year. Also in the new year, together with our airlines, we are making our customers a wide and inexpensive offer to destinations all over the world," says Christoph Blume. The demand for windows for take-off and landing, the so-called slots, remains high in Düsseldorf even in the times of the economic crisis and it already exhausts the number of slots available under the new operating approval.

Düsseldorf International is even able to already report some positive signals for the months to come. Since the beginning of the year Emirates offers 50 percent more seats for its midday flight to Dubai. From February easyJet will extend its route network at their new location Düsseldorf by connections to Rome-Fiumicino and London Gatwick in addition to Basle. There are also interesting news in the summer flight plan. Air Berlin enlarges its long-haul program from Düsseldorf to North America. From May the airline is heading for San Francisco two times a week. The Spanish city Bilbao, Bari in Italy and the Greek port city Volos are new Air Berlin destinations as well. Lufthansa will continue to fly to all long-haul destinations such as Miami/Toronto, New York and Chicago this year. In addition Lufthansa will include Dubrovnik in the South of Croatia for the first time in their flight plan from Düsseldorf this summer.

"We are looking optimistically but also with a sense of proportion at the new year and again expect sustained growth in 2010," Christoph Blume points out. "At present we believe that we will reach the threshold of 18 million passengers and by this the record level of 2008," says Christoph Blume.

The hub Düsseldorf International: Investments in the future

The infrastructure projects, by which Düsseldorf International has prepared for its new hub function, have almost been completed. The redesigning of the piers A and B, too, has been finished last year - pier C will be redesigned by the middle of this year.

In spring 2009 the newly built hangar 7 has officially been opened - North Rhine-Westphalia's biggest hangar. The Air Berlin group uses the maintenance hangar for the servicing of its fleet. As a result Düsseldorf International, the airline's most important hub, is at the same time its biggest servicing location.

Also the "airport twins" were completed last year. In the summer the new multi-storey car park P7, which has about 3,000 spaces, has been put into operation. Passengers and visitors of the airport benefit from its optimal location just 100 meters away from the terminal. The new car rental center has over 2,500 spaces on nine levels. The number of parking spaces has increased to more than 20,000 spaces through the two adjacent new buildings.

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