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Wed 14.04.10 22:37

Positive Result for DUS Airport in the first quarter 2010

Source: Düsseldorf International 13.04.2010

Positive Result For Düsseldorf Airport: A plus of 9.1 per cent in passenger numbers in the Easter holidays; 7.8 per cent growth in the first quarter of the year

Some 810,000 passengers arrived and departed Düsseldorf Airport in the two-week Easter holidays. That corresponds to a plus of 9.1 percent compared with last year's Easter holidays. The airlines carried out about 8,800 take-offs and landings in the period of the holidays - as many as in the Easter holidays of 2009. The day with the heaviest traffic was the last day of school: On Friday, March 26, some 63,000 passengers were counted at the airport and about 700 take-offs and landings. By way of comparison: Düsseldorf International counts a scant 49,000 passengers and 590 take-offs and landings on an average day.

Altogether 3.7 million air passengers were counted at the airport of Düsseldorf in the first quarter of this year. Consequently, the volume of passengers has grown by 7.8 percent compared with the same period last year. These figures lift the airport into the top group of comparable German airports. After the decline of traffic caused by the crisis in 2009 the recovery of air traffic in Düsseldorf, which was discernible since the middle of last year already, is thus underpinned.

"This good development proves that the airport of Düsseldorf is emerging stronger from the crisis," says Christoph Blume, CEO of the airport management. "Our wide offer of destinations and the mixture of traditional airlines and low-budget providers are very well accepted among customers." In this way, Düsseldorf is able to score with its strong catchment area, the increasing transit traffic, the stable intercontinental offer and the rising number of Dutch passengers. At present the airport of Düsseldorf is expecting to reach the threshold of 18 million passengers again and by this the record high of 2008.

Sunshine destinations especially popular in the holidays

In the Easter holidays it were especially the sunny destinations in the South that were very popular among holidaymakers. Travelers again favored the Canaries, the Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland. In addition, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco were desired destinations. Among travelers highly esteemed long-distance destinations were, for example, Florida, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Dubai and Thailand. There was also great demand for city breaks among holidaymakers, e.g. to London or Rome.

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