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Fri 03.10.08 16:34

Aegean Airlines: New DUS services

Aegean Airlines to launch Paris. More flights to London. A new non-stop flight from Athens to Dusseldorf. Local flight Thessaloniki - Dusseldorf

Source: Aegean Airlines 02/10/2008

AEGEAN continues the implementation of its long term investment strategy, aiming to strengthen its presence and continue to offer quality services to its passengers. Its new winter schedule features new destinations like Paris and Dusseldorf and more flights to London. Also, in association with some of the best Russian Tour Operators, new flights from Thessaloniki to Moscow have been announced.

New international destinations from Athens

On November 12, Aegean launches a new daily flight to and from Paris, one of Europe’s largest cultural and business centers. On March 2009 a second daily flight will be added. With this move Aegean will serve the 7 most popular and busiest international destination from Athens overall.

The flight departure and arrival times serve business or leisure travelers perfectly. The plane takes off from Athens at 10:40 am and returns from Charles de Gaulle’s Terminal 1 at 14:05. The brand new AIRBUS A320/321 aircrafts with 168 or 195 seats will be used for this route. Their cabin has two sections, economy and business and features an in-flight entertainment system offering six music channels and a movie. The departure and arrival times are selected to serve several connecting flights to other parts of Greece.

Beginning on December 15, AEGEAN will add another daily flight to London at noon, raising its total to three. The flight schedule has been designed to make connections to the 17 local destinations of AEGEAN possible, and to offer additional choices for passengers departing from London.

AEGEAN’s presence in the German market is expanded with the addition of a new direct flight from Athens. From October 26, 2008, Aegean will be flying from Athens to Dusseldorf five times a week. Also, the daily flight from Thessaloniki to Dusseldorf will now be local. This way, Aegean adds more seats on flights from Thessaloniki to Dusseldorf and strengthens its position as the largest carrier in Northern Greece.

These are the new features of AEGEAN’s winter flight schedule:

# Athens to Paris: A new direct daily flight

# Athens to London: Addition of an extra direct daily flight

# Athens to Dusseldorf: A new direct flight five times a week - except TUE/THU

# Thessaloniki to/from Dusseldorf: A daily local flight

Continuing its investment program, Aegean will receive two more Airbus A320s by the end of 2008, added to the eight aircrafts the company has received so far in 2008, and three others it received in 2007. The program allows Aegean to receive 27 new Airbus A320/321 in total by 2010.

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