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Tue 22.06.10 11:34

Lufthansa W10 European Schedule changes at DUS

Lufthansa from 31OCT10 is increasing services to selected European service out of Dusseldorf for Winter 2010/11 season.

Details below:

Dusseldorf Athens Increase from 5 weekly to Daily
LH3476 DUS1050 1450ATH CR9 D
LH3477 ATH1525 1745DUS CR9 D

Dusseldorf Budapest Increase from 18 to 23 weekly
LH3064 DUS0710 0855BUD CR9 x6
LH3066 DUS1205 1350BUD CR9 x6
LH3062 DUS1535 1720BUD CR9 x67
LH3068 DUS1735 1920BUD CR9 x6

LH3065 BUD0930 1120DUS CR9 x6
LH3067 BUD1425 1615DUS CR9 x6
LH3063 BUD1755 1945DUS CR9 x67
LH3069 BUD1955 2145DUS CR9 x6

Dusseldorf Gdansk Increase from 5 to 6 weekly
LH3040 DUS1120 1255GDN CR9 x67
LH3040 DUS1300 1435GDN CR9 7

LH3041 GDN1340 1515DUS CR9 x67
LH3041 GDN1525 1700DUS CR9 7

Dusseldorf Moscow Domodedovo Increase from 1 to 2 Daily
LH2988 DUS0730 1250DME 735 D
LH2990 DUS1345 1905DME 735 D

LH2989 DME1340 1510DUS 735 D
LH2991 DME1955 2125DUS 735 D

Other notable changes as per 22JUN10 GDS timetable display also includes:
Dusseldorf Birmingham First Morning flight operates with Fokker 100 on weekdays
Dusseldorf Geneva 3 Daily CRJ700 (replace mix of -200/-700)
Dusseldorf Lisbon Reduced Winter frequency at 4 weekly
Dusseldorf Oslo CRJ900 replace -200/-700
Dusseldorf Paris CDG 1 of 5 Daily on weekdays operates with Fokker 100 (4 Daily 735 + 1 Daily F100)
Dusseldorf St. Petersburg Reduced Winter frequency at 4 weekly

Flight Number changes in effect from 31OCT10 as well.

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