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Wed 21.07.10 09:36
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Lapland - A new winter destination


The specialist travel company Fintouring is for the first time offering trips from Düsseldorf to Lapland. The first non-stop charter flight takes off to Kuusamo in Finland on 26 December 2010, and there are altogether twelve departure dates planned up to the middle of March 2011.

Lapland offers a wealth of activities during the dark time of year: cross country skiing, a ride on a kicksled, curling, ice hole fishing or a snowshoe hike. With the title "Lapland for First Timers ", Fintouring has put together an attractive programme for newcomers to the north, and you can enjoy a week in Lapland from as little as €1,049 per person.

Those with special interests or already familiar with the country will be sure to find just what’s right for them in the offer. The Lapland specialists have given matters very careful thought and are prepared for anything and everything. Where else could you find travel offers with such enticing titles as "Just me, my partner and the northern lights..."? On the other hand, with the adventurous more in mind, there’s the Wilderness Tour or the Ice Breaking Trip. It’s probably best if you have a browse at Fintouring’s website .

The non-stop flights from Düsseldorf are in Boeing 737s belonging to the Dutch airline Transavia.

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