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Sun 13.03.11 08:57
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New Air Berlin destinations in summer

airberlin from May 2011 is expanding service out of Dusseldorf, with Barcelona service increases from 14 to 19 weekly, effective 02MAY11. (Summer 2010 was 14 weekly)

Also, new service to be launched to Florence on 27MAY11, Cagliari from 28MAY11 and Rijeka from 29MAY11.


Dusseldorf Barcelona
AB8208 DUS1545 1750BCN 320 x67
AB8209 BCN1205 1415DUS 320 x67

Dusseldorf Florence
AB8738 DUS0915 1120FLR DH4 6
AB8738 DUS1220 1410FLR DH4 123
AB8738 DUS1320 1525FLR DH4 7
AB8738 DUS1350 1555FLR DH4 45

AB8739 FLR1200 1405DUS DH4 6
AB8739 FLR1445 1650DUS DH4 123
AB8739 FLR1600 1805DUS DH4 7
AB8739 FLR1630 1835DUS DH4 45

Dusseldorf Cagliari
AB8176 DUS1445 1700CAG 320 2
AB8176 DUS1455 1710CAG 738 4
AB8176 DUS1740 1955CAG 73G 6

AB8177 CAG1755 2015DUS 738 4
AB8177 CAG1845 2105DUS 320 2
AB8177 CAG2035 2255DUS 73G 6

Dusseldorf Rijeka
AB3676 DUS0725 0855RJK 73G 7
AB3676 DUS1215 1335RJK 73G 4
AB3676 DUS1230 1400RJK 73G 2

AB3677 RJK0935 1115DUS 73G 7
AB3677 RJK1425 1600DUS 73G 4
AB3677 RJK1440 1620DUS 73G 2

Source: http://airlineroute.net/2011/03/11/ab-dus-s11/

Wed 15.06.11 17:57
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New Air Berlin destinations in summer

Air Berlin is adding Skopje to its destinations from Düsseldorf with one weekly service which operates overnight

The service operates Saturdays from DUS und Sundays from SKP with the first service being flown on June 25th.

Schedule as followed:

6 AB3208 DUS-SKP 73G 2120 2345
7 AB3209 SKP-DUS 73G 0405 0635

Long overlay to due curfew in DUS

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