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Sun 08.05.11 11:21
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Aeroflot introduces 3rd daily Moscow flight

Aeroflot is adding a third daily flight on the route to Moscow-Sheremetyevo from the beginning of the winter flight schedule which stops in DUS overnight. Flight numbers are SU355/SU356

Schedules as followed:

SU127 SVO0925 0945DUS 320 D
SU117 SVO1330 1350DUS 320 D
SU355 SVO2110 2130DUS 320 D

SU356 DUS0625 1235SVO 320 D
SU128 DUS1040 1650SVO 320 D
SU118 DUS1450 2105SVO 320 D

Source: airlineroute.com

Thu 16.06.11 12:11

Aeroflot introduces 3rd daily Moscow flight

Surprisingly Aeroflot was adding the third daily flight beginning
on SAT 04.06.2011 with 3 incoming flights/week on MON, WED & SAT

But it seems for the moment, that these flights are not on a regular base


SU355 SVO DUS 320 1-3---6- ARR 20:35

SU356 DUS SVO 320 -2-4---7 DEP 06:35

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