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Mon 15.09.08 02:47

What to post here? Rules & Information

This is a new section for all airports in driving distance of the Düsseldorf area.
There is much going on in this region, so from now on you can gather information
about expected special movements outside of DUS & MGL.

To keep it simple and easy to read, please only mention special and noteworthy aircraft.
Do not open a thread and ask for information without any own contribution.

A thread title should look like this (some random examples):

BRU: SAT 13-09-2008 - Romavia B707 + Polish AF TU154
FRA: SAT 13-09-2008 - First visit Emirates A380
GKE: FRI 12-09-2008 - Maximus Cargo IL-76
LGG: THU 11-09-2008 - Saudi Aramco B767-200
and so on ...

You may also link to other spotting forums and websites in your thread if additional
information can be found there.

Have fun,
your dusinfo.net crew

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