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Thursday, 30th June 2022
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Thursday, 30th June 2022
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▸︎ Turkish Airlines
▸︎ Boeing 777-300

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Upgrade for the regular A330 evening flight to Istanbul in form of Ayasofya, named after the Hagia Sophia Mosque»
▸︎ Flypop
▸︎ Airbus A330-300
▸︎ 9H-POP

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«You name it - we do it. This A330-300, ex Cebu Pacific RP-C3442, flies subcharter mainly to the Mediterranean for TUI and Condor, but can be seen here arriving from Antalya on a flight for SunExpress»

▸︎ SunExpress
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«A new addition to the significantly expanded SunExpress fleet this summer season. Ex HA-LYV Wizz Air and UR-WUB Wizz Air Ukraine»
▸︎ Corendon Airlines
▸︎ Boeing 737-800

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Still in use as an advertising medium for the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam since spring 2020, which was postponed due to the looming COVID-19 crisis into 2021»

▸︎ Corendon Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«As in previous years, Corendon AL is completing its existing fleet of B737-800s, this season e.g. with this A320 leased from Danish Air Transport»
▸︎ Air Baltic
▸︎ Airbus A220-300

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Since the start of the summer flight schedule, Eurowings has been operating a total of five Air Baltic A220s under wet lease, based at Lohausen»

▸︎ Air Afrique
▸︎ Lockheed L-1011 Tristar
▸︎ N185AT

Hajo Warnken (1990)
«Air Afrique leased this Tristar-50, buildt in 1973 for Delta Air Lines as a model -1, from October 1989 until October 1990 from American Trans Air. N185AT is seen parked next to hangar 8, where she had received maintenance by LTU»
▸︎ Turkish Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A330-200

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Konya with Türkiye-Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympics Games special colours, portside only»

▸︎ Condor
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Formerly in service with Cebu Pacific Air as RP-C3250 until 2020 and storage in Spain until February 2022, this A320 is the latest addition to the Condor fleet, seen here before takeoff for a test flight»
▸︎ Iberia
▸︎ Airbus A320-200

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«Entering runway 05R, EC-ILS with promotion for Puerto Rico, sticker only on the portside»

▸︎ Dan-Air London
▸︎ Boeing 707-300

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«Former Pan American Jet Clipper Gladiator, N765PA, here on a cargo charter for Air India Cargo. After only 7 months in service for Dan-Air-IAS Cargo, G-BEBP crashed on approach to Lusaka in May 1977 due to material fatigue»
▸︎ TNT Airways
▸︎ BAe 146-200

Hajo Warnken (1989)
«G-TNTB here still in the first TNT livery at a time when parcel freighters were also used for other freight charters during the day.»

▸︎ Turkish Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A350-900

Hajo Warnken (2022)
«A welcome upgrade for the A330-300 evening flight to Istanbul on April 11th»
▸︎ Germany - Air Force
▸︎ Lockheed L-1329 JetStar
▸︎ 11-02

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«This -8 series Jetstar was delivered to the Luftwaffe in 1968 to replace a -6 series Jetstar which had crashed in Bremen in January 1968. 11-02 was in service with the Flugbereitschaft until 1985 and was then sold to the ZAS Airline of Egypt as SU-DAG»

▸︎ Untitled
▸︎ Lockheed L-1329 JetStar
▸︎ N95BA

Hajo Warnken (1978)
«This Jetstar II, powered by four turbofan engines manufactured by Garrett AIResearch, was only a few months old when he visited Lohausen in February that year. Only forty Jetstars II were built until 1979»
▸︎ Air Atlantis
▸︎ Boeing 737-300

Hajo Warnken (1989)
«The first of a total of six Boeing 737s -300 series operated by Air Atlantis, seen here just leaving the Terminal C area, entering taxiway Whiskey and heading for take-off runway 05R»

▸︎ Saudi Medevac
▸︎ Gulfstream II

Hajo Warnken (1982)
«Comparable to the MedEvac aircraft of the German Air Force, the Saudi Air Force has been operating a similar fleet for decades, in this case HZ-MSD of the Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services, seen here taxiing to stand at the GAT»
▸︎ Britannia Airways
▸︎ Boeing 737-200

Hajo Warnken (1988)
«One of the twenty-four B.737-204s built for Britannia, here >Sir Thomas Sopwith<, named after the aviation pioneer and co-founder of the aircraft manufacturer Hawker Aircraft Ltd, seen here on one of the countless supply flights for the British Rhin»

▸︎ Saudi Arabian Royal Flight
▸︎ Boeing 707-300
▸︎ HZ-HM2

Hajo Warnken (1994)
«In the 90s and early 2000s, the government aircraft of the Saudi Arabian Royal Flight were frequent visitors at DUS. HZ-HM2, originally delivered in 1975 as HZ-HM1, is today on display at the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum - Riyadh-King Salman Airbase»
▸︎ Aero France International
▸︎ Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 10

Hajo Warnken (1990)
«Originally delivered to Finnair in 1964 as OH-LSE and christened Lahti, F-BJTU can be seen here on a night-stop parking position in the cargo area. Operated by other French airlines until 1994, this Caravelle finally served as a freighter in Colombia»

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