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Monday, 22nd July 2024
Düsseldorf, Germany
Current Weather
Conditions:Scattered Clouds
Feels Like:24°C
Wind:279 / 10 Knots
Humidity:61 %
Bar. Pressure:1017 hPa
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Runway Operations

Recent Activities
Departures Not Available
Arrivals Not Available
Wind Components
23 6.9 Knots
05-6.9 Knots
X-Wind 7.2 Knots
Expected Availability
Monday, 22nd July 2024
23L/05RNot Available
23R/05LNot Available
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▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (1998)
«After the fatal airport fire in April 1996 the terminalbuilding was contaminated with toxic substances and had to be closed permanently. For that reason temporary structures had to be set on the apron for the ground operations.»
▸︎ Air Baltic
▸︎ Airbus A220-300

Rainer Spoddig (2024)
«This is DUS and not Riga!!»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2022)
«New spotting location @dusairport near the GAT for the freshly finished new apron west. Best light in afternoon.»
▸︎ Ural Airlines
▸︎ Airbus A321-200

Rainer Spoddig (2022)
«Three cargoflights from Yekatarinburg from Ural Airlines at the same time»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Hajo Warnken (1986)
«Diversions from Schiphol on a sunny Sunday in autumn. From left to right C-FCRE Canadian Pacific, PH-AGA KLM, C-GCPD CP Air, N4935C Surinam Airways and PH-BUA KLM»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2020)
«Stored a/c due to Corona-Crisis»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2019)
«Airport overview»
▸︎ Air Berlin
▸︎ Airbus A330-200

Michael Stappen (2017)

▸︎ Azur Air Germany
▸︎ Boeing 767-300

Jost Gruchel (2017)
«together with D-AZUC and VQ-BUP»
▸︎ Air Berlin
▸︎ Airbus A319-100

Rainer Spoddig (2012)
«Crowded apron on a sunday early morning.»

▸︎ Eurowings
▸︎ Canadair CRJ-900

Rainer Spoddig (2012)
«Busy apron after sunrise»
▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ Airbus A340-300

Jost Gruchel (2012)
«D-AIKG going to EWR, D-AIGO to ORD and D-AIGS to MIA»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2012)
«Busy apron on a sunday evening»
▸︎ SunExpress
▸︎ Boeing 737-800
▸︎ TC-SNM Collection (2011)
«SunExpress invasion at DUS...»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2003)
«Beginning of lowpass over rwy 23L during sightseeingflight. Airport railway station with visitors terrasse comes into view. Taken from Air Albatros AN-2 D-FONE. Scan from paperprint.»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2003)
«After low overflight over rwy 23L during sightseeingflight crossing the apron with white Tyrolean in foreground, the longterm resident CBJet Tristar V2-LFQ in background. Taken from Air Albatros AN-2 D-FONE. Scan from paperprint.»

▸︎ Streamline
▸︎ Short 330

Felix Goetting (1999)
«Overview of DUS when old pier B was broken off. Photo was taken from Short 330 G-SSWU (August 12, 1999).»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2011)
«Blue hour @ DUS»

▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (2011)
«Sunday evening overview.»
▸︎ Airport Overview

Rainer Spoddig (1993)
«May, 23rd 1993: New northern rwy, old cargocenter with new one under construction. Scan from paperprint.»

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