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Wednesday, 27th September 2023
Düsseldorf, Germany
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Wednesday, 27th September 2023
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▸︎ Airways International Cymru
▸︎ BAC 1-11-300

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«In the summer of 1985, Airways International Cymru operated weekly support flights for members of the British Rhine Army with its two Bac 1-11s»
▸︎ British Airways
▸︎ Boeing 737-200

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
«Basic Negus design with bare metal instead of white colour»

▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ Boeing 737-200

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«A few days after delivery in January 1985 and before the name of Ingolstadt was given, pictured here from the access road to the terminal when there was no extension building there at that time»
▸︎ Condor
▸︎ Douglas DC-8-73

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«Leased from and operated by German Cargo for the summer seasons in 1985 and 1986. Before D-ADUC was handed over to Lufthansa Cargo in spring 1993, she was seen in 1992 as a full freighter in German Cargo service in DUS»

▸︎ Britannia Airways
▸︎ Boeing 737-200

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
«Non-standard grey belly and white tail»
▸︎ Britannia Airways
▸︎ Boeing 737-200

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
«White tail and missing titles»

▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«Dusseldorf on her way to JFK as LH408. With the delivery of the new Dusseldorf D-ABZA, a B.747-200Combi in June 1985, her name changed to Leverkusen. In October 2005 D-ADAO visited Lohausen again, by this time in service with Gemini Air Cargo as N601GC»
▸︎ Wideroe
▸︎ De Havilland DHC-7 Dash 7

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«Especially for the so-called short-runway-network in Norway, Wideroe primarily purchases machines from De Havilland of Canada. That a Dash 7 got as far as DUS was an exception in the 80s»

▸︎ Untitled
▸︎ BAe 125-600

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«An aircraft registration number that can be found again and again on business jets. Here the HS-125-F600B operated by Haeger and Schmidt Transport Logistik for Thyssen-Krupp. In the background Condors Silverbird D-ABVI»
▸︎ American Trans Air - ATA
▸︎ Lockheed L-1011 Tristar
▸︎ N189AT

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«During the summer months of the mid-1980s, American Trans Air served several destinations in North America. N189AT visited DUS again in 2000 in a new livery and on charter for Consul Weltreisen»

▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ Boeing 747-200

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«Köln in service as a Combi-Jumbo, recognizable by the blinded windows in the rear part of the fuselage, on the long-haul route via Anchorage to Tokyo and Osaka. Operating for Iran Air, she flew the very last pax revenue flight of a B747-200 in May 20»
▸︎ Busy Bee of Norway
▸︎ Fokker 27-100

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
«Original livery»

▸︎ FunAir Corporation
▸︎ Boeing 727-100
▸︎ N727LA

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«An old friend who, since being delivered to Pan American as N358PA in 1967, has been used for a long time in the Berlin shuttle to DUS and again at Lohausen in 2017 as VP-BAP, still flying as such in 2022»
▸︎ Aviogenex
▸︎ Boeing 727-200

Hajo Warnken (1985)
«After only two years of service with Alitalia as I-DIRT, the still quite new YU-AKM, named after the coastal city of Pula, was put into service with the Yugoslav airline Aviogenex in spring 1985»

▸︎ TAT - Touraine Air Transport
▸︎ Fairchild Hiller FH-227

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
▸︎ Finnair Cargo
▸︎ DC-9-15F

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)

▸︎ British Midland Airways - BMA
▸︎ McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
«Original livery»
▸︎ Aviaco
▸︎ McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
«Revised two-tone blue cheatline»

▸︎ Atlantic Air Transport
▸︎ Bristol 170 Freighter

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
▸︎ Inex Adria Aviopromet
▸︎ McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50

Wolfgang Mendorf (1985)
«Basic SAS livery after lease»

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