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Wednesday, 23rd June 2021
Düsseldorf, Germany
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Conditions:Few Clouds
Feels Like:19°C
Wind:350 / 10 Knots
Humidity:75 %
Bar. Pressure:1019 hPa
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 05RUpdated:   19:25 (DLH3HV)
Cont. Use: 1d13h (156x)
 05RUpdated:   19:18 (SXS5Q)
Cont. Use: 2d2h (180x)
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23-4.5 Knots
05 4.5 Knots
X-Wind 8.9 Knots
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Wednesday, 23rd June 2021
05R 00:00 - 23:59
05L Closed
Activities based on ADS-B messages (>80% aircraft coverage).
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▸︎ Lufthansa Cargo
▸︎ Boeing 707-300

Arno Janssen (1977)
▸︎ British Caledonian
▸︎ Boeing 707-300

Arno Janssen (1977)

▸︎ Catair
▸︎ Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle VI-N

Stefan Fuchs (1977)
«basic Sabena c/s»
▸︎ TAE - Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces
▸︎ Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 10

Stefan Fuchs (1977)

▸︎ Tenneco Inc.
▸︎ BAC 1-11-200
▸︎ N504T

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«In 1975 Tenneco Inc., a supplier to the automotive industry, took over D-ABHH, which was originally built in 1966 for Helmut Horten, owner of the Horten department store chain.The maintenance base of D-ABHH was in Lohausen at the GAT»
▸︎ Condor
▸︎ Boeing 747-200

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«D-ABYF, named Fritz, on taxiway Whisky heading for takeoff runway 06, todays 05R. Clearly visible are the extended Krueger-flaps of the portside wing leading edge. In 1979 the Jumbo was sold to Korean AL, but in the first year immediately leased to Saudia»

▸︎ Bristow Helicopters
▸︎ Bell 212

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«Two workhorses just in case. These two Twin-Two-Twelves were equipped with special antennas for mineral exploration and made a fuel stop in Lohausen in May 1977. Years later VR-BGB was lost during a mission in Africa, registered as 5N-AQW»
▸︎ Air France
▸︎ Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle III

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«Dauphine, named after the region in south-east France, in the classic Air France livery of the early 1970s. F-BHRL was damaged beyond economical repair after hitting a fence whilst taxiing at Frankfurt on March, 12th 1979»

▸︎ Maersk Air
▸︎ Boeing 737-200

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«The second Maersk Air B737 series -200 at Lohausen, half a year after delivery. Photographed at that time on parking position 8 of the main apron. The visitor terrace and part of the old terminal can be seen in the background»
▸︎ KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
▸︎ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«Wake up Wolfgang Amadeus .....initial attempts of the crew and ground staff to reanimate the Mozart and efforts to enter PH-DTE in the morning after an evening inbound from New Delhi, a diversion due to bad weather conditions at Schiphol.»

▸︎ British Air Ferries - BAF
▸︎ Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«Plain Jane was one of 21 C-54s and DC-4s, which were converted by Aviation Traders Ltd from 1961. The name Carvair was derived from the abbreviation Car via Air. The capacity - Up to 5 cars and 22 passengers»
▸︎ Hadag Air
▸︎ De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter

Arno Janssen (1977)

▸︎ DLT
▸︎ De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter

Arno Janssen (1977)
▸︎ Montana Austria
▸︎ Boeing 707-100

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«One of the 13 ex-Qantas V Jet 138 special performance series B.707s on one of the several Aer Lingus flights at Lohausen in 1977 and 1978. Montana was once the only Austrian intercontinental airline, operating a fleet of two B.707-138Bs and one B.707-396C»

▸︎ Hungary - Air Force
▸︎ Tupolev Tu-134A

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«As a Tu-134AK, HA-YSA is leaving her parking position in front of hangar 8 at Lohausen with a Hungarian government delegation aboard. From 1981, HA-YSA, converted to TU-134A-3 standard, served with MALEV as HA-LBN»
▸︎ Hungary - Air Force
▸︎ Tupolev Tu-134A

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«Tu-134AK of the Hungary Government, seen here in the LTU maintenance area during the farewell ceremony for a government delegation on July 4, 1977»

▸︎ Lufthansa
▸︎ Boeing 707-300

Hajo Warnken (1977)
«Boeing 707-330B, the Nuernberg, taxies in after inbound from Toronto and a rerouting due to bad wheather conditions at Frankfurt»
▸︎ Finnair
▸︎ Douglas DC-8-62

Wolfgang Mendorf (1977)

▸︎ Cargolux
▸︎ Douglas DC-8-63
▸︎ N865F

Wolfgang Mendorf (1977)
«Leased in incomplete livery without cheatline»
▸︎ KLM Cargo
▸︎ Douglas DC-8-55

Wolfgang Mendorf (1977)
«Rare AMS diversion of this unique freighter»

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